Hello, I'm Stephanie! The face behind Myskincare Studio.

I have poured my heart into creating a place where medical-grade skincare meets a cozy, peaceful vibe.

As a mom of four, I totally get how crucial me-time is and the magic it does for us. It's been a ride full of passion, lots of learning, and endless cups of coffee, all to ensure you get the personal touch your skin craves. Earning your trust and watching that confidence bloom is why I do what I do.

I'm all about making sure your self-care game is top-notch, so you walk out feeling not just refreshed, but truly glowing.

So, welcome to our little sanctuary – your first step to shining skin starts here.


I can't wait to meet you.

Our devotion goes beyond mere services to a deep-seated passion for nurturing skin.

Celebrating over nine years of excellence in the Inland Empire, we've placed our client's skincare needs at the forefront of our mission.

Each product on our site is carefully selected to align with our vision of guiding you to your ultimate skincare goals. Thank you for choosing us as your trusted partner on this journey to radiant skin.